We’ve put the spotlight on our Gregory Hills displays

We’ve put the spotlight on our Gregory Hills displays

4 October 2016

Neatly hidden just off Gregory Hills Drive in the beautiful Gregory Hills Estate you will discover a hidden architectural gem that showcases three uniquely different homes, each distinctly representing three of our stunning desig

Experience our four beautiful new homes in Elara

3 October 2016

One of Sydney’s newest and most promising estates has created a lot of excitement for local families and for us too.

The Sovereign is the perfect sanctuary in a vibrant, bustling city

2 October 2016

Located in the heart of the Molonglo Valley on Cotter Road, our stylish Sovereign on display in Wright will take your breath away from the moment you first lay eyes on its striking Provincial façade.

The top 5 benefits of buying a house and land package

1 October 2016

The value and choice offered in house and land packages today has made this option increasingly more convenient and enticing to new homebuyers and investors.

Orienting Your Home for Winter

Orienting Your Home for Winter

28 September 2016

As the days grow colder and the nights longer, we start moving away from alfresco areas and those with great ventilation to others where the heat is captured and well preserved. Good home design recognises that your needs change as the seasons change.

One Direction - How the Orientation of Your Home Affects Heating and Cooling

Home Orientation That Maximises Energy Efficiency

8 September 2016

The geographical location and orientation of your home plays a major role in how energy efficient your heating and cooling systems are.


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